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Good morning,

While on a call with Verizon to increase our International Calling Plan limit, it was strongly suggested we switch to Digital Voice. This was the beginning of a 3 week frustrating, debacle, resulting in us having to replace our phone system (at an enormous cost), have no phone service and have shocking service from Verizon. I would recommend that Verizon representatives selling the Digital Voice program actually know the system, and understand the customers' needs before they suggest  switching to Digital Voice.  Additionally, the technical staff and the billings and sales staff were constantly giving me conflicting information, seldom carried out what was promised and were extremely impolite.  Every time I called I had to explain the problem, and I called in excess of 3 dozen times, I was put on hold for periods of at least 45mins  - 1 hour, listening to the same 'elevator' music. I did have a tech representative come out to our house twice and he was willing but unable to help. Verizon needs to be sure the field techs can handle the problem.

Today, we have a new phone system, and we were switched back to our original plan at Verizon, although we were told it was irreversible.  So, we achieved nothing and incurred major financial costs and major inconvenience.

There was one representative, Stan, at the Fiber Center in Syracuse who actually followed up to make sure the problem was corrected. 

I strongly encourage anybody interested in switching over to this Digital Voice program do as much research as possible and speak to many more than one Verizon Rep to ensure you have accurate information and therefore would be making an informed decision to switch to Digital Voice. 

Than you.

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