Diligent Service

For a number of years (about 12), I have been told by Verizon that they are "Diligently Improving Their Phone Lines"... unless you live in the sticks.  And in some areas that is a benefit.  they have FIOS.  For years, I sat waiting for this wonderous upgrade of service to my area.  I have been told that both the switch-boxes to the East and West of me have DSL, but the switch-box my house is on does not.  I am not asking for FIOS, but as one of your technicians have told me, they are pulling out the old DSL switches in other areas left and right.  You can't ship them to my area and at least get us in to the late 20th century.  I am tiered of waiting.  I have dropped my home phone connection.  I am looking for a new cell phone provider.  Verizon is not on the list of possible carriers that I will be choosing from.  Thanks for the "Diligent Service."  but it is not good enough for me.