Directory Assistance Charges
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We haven't used directory assistance in years and now we know why.

This month a $1.99 charge for directory assistance appeared on our phone bill, but there are no details available as to the date, city, etc for the charge.  Why do Verizon and other phone companies continue to spend money and waste trees printing phone books that hardly anyone uses and then charge $1.99 for directory assistance?  Maybe it's because of the advertising that is sold and included in the phone books?

We would also like to know why the "TX State and Local Sales Tax" amounts were increased on the March and April bills when there was no change in the "Current Activity" amounts on which the taxes are based.

The "Carrier Cost Recovery Charge" was increased from 49 cents to 99 cents in April, a "Regional Sports Network Fee" of $2.42 began appearing in March and the "Video Franchise Fee" increased from $5.47 to $5.60 in March.  These "nickel and dime" increases and fluctuating bills for services that do not change from month to month are very annoying and maddening.