Disabled Senior Will Cancel Verizon
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I'm not computer savvy. Someone from Verizon responded to my previous post, that I should go to my  Profile Page, look up at the top middle at My Support Cases, etc. Who are they kidding? I had a hard enough time coming back to this forum! I can NOT find what was suggested to me.

Had visitor today who had a cell phone so called Verizon get Thursday appointment earlier. Service rep tells me Verizon will be at my home on FRIDAY, not Thursday. Huh? How could an alleged SERVICE company be so messed up? But it gets better.  Within 15 minutes my landline phone rang. Caller ID showed "Verizon survey".  Verizon is REALLY messed up -- my phone is not working and they're calling me to respond to a survey!

To the person who posted a response on this forum. You people have my email address.  You people have my phone number. How about possibly helping this senior citizen and E-MAIL something to me about what you're doing to resolve this problem? I can't even call 911 for an emergency!  Also, WHY is the "Reply" button not working on my original post?

After a lifetime with the same company under a slew of different names am strongly considering switching to Optimum.

To Verizon: E-mail me with your solution !!

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Hello SeniorCitizen1,

You can access your case by clicking on your name next to your post.  This will take you to your profile page where you should find a link to your case in the middle column.  Please respond to your support case, as the agents assisting you will be looking there for your replies.