Discontinuing Triple Play service

I have grown tired of ever increasing prices and less services.  I would like to either cancel Verizon entirely or just get Internet and basic....can this be done?

my last two renewals with Verizon were horrendous.  But there are now real options out there,  I can see Verizon does not believe in keeping there customers....any suggestions?  I have been with them since 2003 - one of the first fios internet customers....

Re: Discontinuing Triple Play service
Community Leader
Community Leader

YOu can cancel part or all your service by calling them.

You normally only have three other choices for TV service

  1. Go to the local cable company.  You normally only have one choice for the area where you live
  2. Go to one of the satellite companies.  Dish or DirecTv.
  3. Go with Tv antenna.  Suppliment with internet.