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Unable to receive faxes...how can i get a distinctive ring service since it conflicts with my Brother Multi Function Fax Machine

Re: Distinctive Ring
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Based on your question, I'm not certain I am understanding if you already have distinctive ring or are thinking about getting it. I'll try to cover both scenarios.

If you have distinctive ring and your fax is not picking up, the most common thing we see is the settings are not set for the proper ring pattern on the machine. i.e. the settings are set for triple ring instead of double, etc.

If you are inquiring on whether distinctive ring will work for your machine, as long as it can recognize different ring patterns it should be fine.

The usual misunderstanding we see is in the functionality of distinctive ring is thinking it operates like a second phone line. With distinctive ring it uses the same base phone line and assigns a second number and a special ring. If the line is being talked on, no fax can come in, if a fax is being received/sent , nobody can talk on the phone line.

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