Do Not Disturb (DND) Scheduling Feature DOES NOT WORK
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... even though it used to!

I just concluded a chat with a Verizon support technician and he informed me that there is no scheduling feature for DND in the Fios Phone calendar.

This is a shame, because we used to have DND kick in at 11PM every night and go off to resume normal phone service at 7AM each morning. I would set it up for the entire year. 

I tried several times to set it up again this year, but couldn't - that's what prompted me to call Verizon and initiate the chat with tech support.

According to the technician, you can only initiate DND with *78 and turn it off with *79. I mentioned to hime that this is the kind of feature, the kind of functionality, that computer programming was invented for, and that I am simply astonished that this feature, which used to exist, has been discontinued. Now to be sure, we did have some issues on occassion, so it was a little 'buggy' at times, but it would seems that someone capable of programming in C++ or whatever they use these days should be able to enable this feature which has now apparantly been discontinued.

Which is a shame, and kind of hard to understand 

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