Documentation of repair service for downed wires

The intent of this post is to document Verizon service response regarding downed wires

Thursday 10/25/12, arrived home from work and noticed wire were down.

  • Double wire from street to house was down (still connected to house and street)
    • Caulk from entry into house was approximately 8 feet from house
    • Eye bolt no longer connected to house
    •  Approximately 20 feet of double wire is laying on the ground
    • Single wire laying on the ground still connected to street wire
      • Approximately 8 feet of wire is coiled on curb
      • Police were called and place caution tape on wires
      • Verizon was called and ticket opened. We told Verizon wires were on the ground in multiple places. Verizon said someone would be out to fix the problem Friday

Friday 10/26/12, received a text from Verizon that the ticket was closed

  • Called Verizon and was told it would still be fixed today.
  • Called again approx. 5:30, was told by operator that ticket was closed because it was transferred to local service, who would drive by and assess situation, and determine needed manpower and request manpower to fix problem today or tomorrow.

Sunday 10/28/12, I spoke to Charles who told me ticket should not have been closed, and that ticket noted that “wires were sagging”, which is contrary to what we told representative.

  • Charlie’s told me the earliest service available was Monday morning; I told him I considered the wire dangerous with the pending storm. He contacted service and told me all truck were on there last service and would not be available today.  I asked to speak to a supervisor. He told me I could speak to him but it probably wouldn’t make a difference.
  • I Spoke to William (he would not tell me his last name due to company policy), again told him about the situation, and again that I considered the situation dangerous with the expected weather.
  • I told William I was concerned about the potential damage to our property, public safety and liability. William told me that we are not liable as the are Verizon’s wires. I asked for his name or some identifying information to document this, but he would give any. William again told me all crews were finishing up and not available. I asked him if there were any emergency crews available and he told me he would check, and call back.
  • William called service again, and said all truck were on there last service and not near my area, the earliest   service truck could come would be early Monday

As of Sunday 4:42 pm the wires have not been fixed, the following ticket is open.

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