Does anyone really care about the legitimately naive?

Okay, I assume I'm being naive myself in posting this, but since I have a 90+ year old mother and know several elderly who are vulnerable to being predated in the vastly changing world of communication and (mis)trust, is there anyone who is policing or to whom one can report various spam and scam efforts as they pop up on the land lines (which many of these people use exclusively)? I just got a call on my land line from my land line - my first reaction was a panicked "oh no I lost my phone" before the Land Line part hit me... cell phone right here... OH. So I picked it up when it happened 20 minutes later and it's "from" "Microsoft" saying my address is going to be disconnected because my IP address has been compromised and they've been trying to reach me... press one to speak to Microsoft. You get the gist. I suppose I was then going to be asked for all sorts of my personally identifying information... This use of my number to call my number sounds like it would be technically more simple that the common spam use of a random neighbor's number from somewhere in my area code, but it would seem a more personal "proof" and thus more confusing and convincing to many... How can people respond to these threats that might affect our more vulnerable elderly other than attempting to educate them (sometimes futile) and otherwise hanging up, blocking the number (my Own?) and walking away?

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