Dumb Question about new Landline Service
I just recently switched from Comcast to Verizon phone & high speed internet (and Directv). I ordered everything online. They stated the phone service was going to be activated a week after I placed my order. But I never had to set up an appointment for a technician to come out.  Are they able to come out and activate the service outside without entering my home (I live in an apartment complex)? It has been several days since the activation date and I still do not have a dial tone when I plug in my phone. When I check the online status of the phone installation, it shows as "completed".  Does this mean that the phone jack in my apartment is just not working properly? Or does a technician need to come out to activate the service?
Re: Dumb Question about new Landline Service
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Did a Technician come out to install your Internet and TV ?

They should have also hooked up your phone at that time and tested everyting.

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