Erroneous change in calling plan?


I recently received a letter from Verizon Long Distance. It thanked me for being a customer and read "Please see reverse side for more information regarding your order". On the reverse it indicates that the plan I have chosen is "Verizon Single Rate Plan".

I never ordered this plan; we've had the Verizon Freedom Essentials plan for years. Around the time of this notice we had some "billing issues". Could "the system" have automatically changed our plan?


Re: Erroneous change in calling plan?
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1) Call in to the center. 800-483-4000

2) If you have recently been passed due on any bills, they may have chngd your plan to reflect a basic srvc. The VZ Single Rate Plan is 12 cents/min with no minimum monthly usage charge. And no monthly reoccuring cost.  If you have a 2nd line, it may be added to that, but I'd recommend calling in and double checking to see if you Freedom plan has been removed.

And make sure they effective date it back to when the 1st change was made so it covers any LD calls you've had between then and now so you're not hit w a ton of LD chrgs. Hope this helps