Error 252 when receiving fax

Can't receive faxes.   Get error 252.   Googled that and it says 252 means "poor telephone line condition"- any remedies out there from anyone?

Re: Error 252 when receiving fax
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Hi paxel ... I'm not sure about the error your fax machine is giving you, but there is an easy way to test the phone line.  If you have a standard corded telephone, take it and plug it into the jack for the fax line.  Simply pick up the phone and make some test calls from it and to it.  If the line comes up sounding normal and clear, the issue may be with the fax machine.  If the line comes up with abnormal sounds, you may have a line issue.

Another area to test would be the phone cord between the fax machine and the wall jack.  These sometimes go bad and need to be replaced.  This would be an easy item to switch and test first.

Let us know what happens and if you need further assistance.  If the line tests as bad, you can always private message me so I can assist you from there.