Excellent response!

I am happy to be able to submit a positive post! We began having static and
crossed lines (we could hear other people talking distantly) after Irene. It cleared up and then, when several days of torrential rains began, came back worse than ever and getting worse by the hour. I submitted a repair request online and was given a date over a week away. Since we are seniors and my husband is not well I called the Verizon Expert Care number early one morning to explain that we need help sooner than that if possible. By 9:30 that morning we received a phone call from the Verizon Tech saying, "You're in business!" The line was clear and perfect again. A couple of days later the Tech who works our area called again, just to check that the phone is working well and to explain that it was a bad splice near our home that allowed water to enter, causing corrosion and crossed lines. I cannot imagine better service. Thank you Verizon... If I knew where to email a commendation for the Tech I would do so. (We accidentally deleted a message containing a survey from our voice mail.)

Re: Excellent response!
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Thank you for the positive feedback! We can get a commendation to that tech, but need some more information. I have sent you a private message to get more info.