Extremely Frustrated!
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Extremely Frustrated!

I need help. I have been on hold for OVER 30 hours so far & I have gotten nowhere. I was promised a service start date of June 22 and I have been calling for TWO WEEKS every day & finally had my service turned on July 5 only for it to go off again on July 6.

To make matters even worse. I was promised a one month refund for my trouble (I even printed out the online chat where I was promised this refund), yet when I called today I was told that the agent was not authorized to give me this refund & it will NOT appear on my account!

I have no intention of calling again to be put on hold for another hour or more. What are my options? How do I get Verizon to compensate me for all my wasted time & two weeks without service? How do I get Verizon to KEEP THEIR WORD & honor their promises which I have clearly documented on paper?