FIOS Digital Voice Do Not Disturb Greeting Question
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Hello.  I have decided to turn on the "Do not disturb" option with my calling service.  After months of constant telemarketing calls (each one reported to the do not call list with no results), I was looking for a way to stop this without disconnecting my landline.  However, if I add an exception list, the other calls go to a greeting that says I'm not accepting calls.  I would rather have an exception list AND the rest of the calls go to voice mail with my regular greeting.  The other option would be to change the Do Not Disturb greetings.  Could someone please explain if I have any of these options?  Thank you.

Re: FIOS Digital Voice Do Not Disturb Greeting Question

Please, please I wish they would add this feature.  I can't imagine why they haven't.  Or maybe let ME change the Do Not Disturb message.  I always have important calls that I want to go through, but at least stop those annoying telemarketers by not ringing my phone during those times I don't want to hear the phone.  I thought about using Call Forwarding in addition to DND but DND takes presidence and they do not forward.  PLEASE PLEASE VERIZON.