FIOS Digital Voice- adding 2nd phone line

I have Fios digital voice and I want to add a second phone line. My verizon ONT box (inside my apartment) has phone jacks labelled "L1" and "L2". My existing phone is plugged into L1. After I order a 2nd line from verizon, I presume that I can just plug a 2nd phone into "L2" and it would work. Is that correct? The phone rep asked me if I have wiring for a 2nd line, but does that matter for digital voice if I am just plugging the phone directly into the ONT box and not into any wall outlets.

Thanks for your help!

Re: FIOS Digital Voice- adding 2nd phone line
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That is correct. You can just plug a phone directly into the second line port of the ONT and it will work just fine.