FIOS Digital Voice- call blocking
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Then is open request to Verizon to increase the number of phone numbers that can be blocked with Digital Voice.

The current limit of 10 ten is far to small

I get at least 5 calls that should be blocked per day

I think 50 numbers on the call list is a good number to start with

User please let me if you agree with me that 10 is a low number to block



Re: FIOS Digital Voice- call blocking

I absolutely agree. I can't use the Do Not Disturb feature because some of the phone calls I do want to receive are from overseas and the DND feature will not accept an internation number in the exceptions list. So I'm stuck with adding telemarketer numbers to the call blocking list and 10 numbers is not nearly enough. 

Verizon are you listening?

Re: FIOS Digital Voice- call blocking
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Try NOMOROBO . It's free, and it works.  I got it about 3 weeks ago and it has reduced the traffic I don't want.  One can add to it; it is a work in progress, so that a great number of callers bothering you may already be screened out