FIOS Network Outage
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My Verizon FIOS, Reston Virginia, Phone, Internet and some FIOS TV functions, were out early this morning, from approx 3:30AM to 5:00AM, June 28, 2011.  I attempted to call FIO Support, without success via my Verizon Wireless phone, since my Verizon FIOS digital Phone Service was OUT.  I certainly would appreciate finding why the service was down and if this was a scheduled or non scheduled outage.  Loss of my home phone service is a real concern.  Interesting that you cannot find any info on FIOS network issues.

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It may not be an actual network outage, unless you have gotten this information directly from a verizon employee. I have a few tips that could possibly restore your services if you haven't tried these already. First you would want to find your battery back up (BBU) unit. This is a white box mounted on your wall, usually has the verizon logo on it. Test the outlet where the BBU is plugged in. Best way to do so is to actually unplug the BBU and plug in something you know works. If the outlet works, rmove the front cover of your BBU and you'll see the battery on the inside with a red and a black cord attached to it. These are the positive and negative leads to the battery, disconnect one or both of them and leave it all unhooked for 2-3 minutes. After that time put the red and black cords back on the battery, replace the cover, and then plug your BBU back in. Most of the time if there isn't an actual network outage but you don't have any of your services this could resolve the problem. I know it has worked for myself and some of my neighbors that have FIOS service.

However, if the outlet your BBU is plugged in to does not work, I would suggest checking your breaker box, resetting the outlet, or trying to get the BBU to a working outlt and you should notice your service come back on.

Also, if you need help locating the BBU mine is my basement, some of my friends have it in their garage.

Best of luck and hope this fixes the problem, if not I would suggest calling tech support and see what they can do for you.