FIOS digital voice (and internet) outage in NYC

This morning I didn't receive an expected call-to-work at 6:15am.  At ~8am I discovered that neither my FIOS digital phone nor internet were working (although TV was) -- too late to salvage an assignment for a day's work.  Not until ~3pm this afternoon were my digital phone and internet services restored.  Electricity from Con Ed was available throughout.

Am I correct that if the problem had been a general electrical blackout, my digital phone would have worked for ~8 hours on battery backup (which is how I sold my family on switching from landline to digital phone service)?

Am I also correct in inferring from today's incident that if only Verizon has an internet problem (as was apparently the case today - although I've seen no announcements about a problem), I'll lose both my internet and digital phone service for the duration of the problem?

If both of the above are correct, the battery backup feature for FIOS digital phone service appears far less appealing than I had originally assumed (and argued) -- since electrical blackouts in NYC seem significantly less likely than internet service outages within the FIOS system, and there is no protective backup when the latter occurs.

Am I correct?  or is there something that I might do (other than switching back to a landline) to avoid losing my phone service in the future?