FIos Digital Voice hookup to ONT?

I recently got Fios Digital voice and I am trying to hook the phone up to the jack in the bedroom.  The apt appears to have been wired for phone but the lines were never connected to the ONT so the two rj-11 (phone jacks) on the ONT are empty and the little clips below them are too.  I tried to attache the the blue and white wires (those are the colors hooked into the jack in the wall) to the clips on the ONT but I could not get a dial tone. Any ideas on why this may be the case?  When i plug the phone directly into the ont I do get a dialtone and can make calls.  thanks

Re: FIos Digital Voice hookup to ONT?
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Sorry to hear about the line not being connected. I sent you a PM to ask you for some further account questions.