FYI regarding botched phone port / dead phone - this forum beats calling
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I found posting here to be much more straight-forward and productive than calling.

What I wrote was not necessarily applicable to this forum, but it got results.  I don't think anyone I talked to on the phone (10 people - over 4 hours of cell minutes) ever really understood 1) what my problem was 2) how to fix it or 3) who to direct the call to.

I had cancelled a switch to another carrier, but somehow the phone port (move to the other carrier) still went through. Two days later, my phone went dead.

When I posted my problem here, I received a message that it wasn't the right place to post and that my post had been moved to a place that technicians would see.  I was skeptical.  The next day I got a call from a technical in Virginia who understood my problem and was able to fix it by the next morning.

My suggestions for results:

- clearly describe your problem and surrounding circumstances

- avoid mentioning other companies by name

- express concern and/or dismay, but don't defame


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