Faster Repairs from Verizon - Prioritize your account.
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I just wanted to let people know that Verizon has a Repair Prioritization Program for Seniors and those that have Medical issues (permanent or temporary) that depend on their landline for service that offers a 24-hour repair commitment.  

My 88 year old mother (not only a senior but also has a serious medical issue) who depends completely on her landline recently lost her dial tone and when I used the online troubleshooter I found out that it was a Verizon network issue and the first time offered for repair was 6 full days away!  That was unacceptable so I searched for another solution.  When I called Verizon and let them know I was aware of the program - my mom's repair happened less than 12 hours from when I called.  The official program requires a form to fill out and send in to mark the account for future priority - so that I won't have to make a special request.

There are simple one-page forms at the Verizon link below - to fill out and send in making your service a priority. The form only has to be filled out one time unless it is for a temporary medical condition and then it is every 12 months.

The link below offers the Maryland address to send it to - but the forms are generic and should apply to any state that Verizon services.  I could not find the address to send them to for other states, but I would be hopeful that a Verizon representative could assist - if one asks how to register for the "Verizon Medical and Senior Repair Prioritization Program".  I did see a website about the same service in New York - but it did not list the way to apply.

Hope this helps someone as it did my mom.

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Me again.  Since the previous post in this thread only included a way to sign up for the program in Maryland, I finally found the information and link for New York and just wanted to pass it on. 

It is called the Special Protections Program in NY - and is for seniors and/or those that have a long term disability - and includes other things in addition to priority repair, such as - avoiding blocking or turning off phone service if trouble paying a bill and a third party notification system regarding overdue bills (without liability to the third party). 

Here is the link below -

I have tried to find information on other states, since my previous post in this thread covered Maryland and now this one is for New York - but have been unsuccessful so far.  Besides Internet searches, I just spent over 45 minutes being transferred from department to department at Verizon to inquire and no one at Verizon was familiar with any of the senior programs (even MD or NY), so of course they said they knew nothing about programs in additional states that Verizon services.  Each department said I needed a different department - until finally the 4th department referred me back to the first department - which I let them know - and then they just said they couldn't help me.   
Since actual Verizon moderators review this thread - maybe one of them will pitch in and let people know about similar programs in any other state that Verizon services. We will see.
In the meantime, I will update if any additional information is discovered.  
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I think it's wonderful that you have taken the time to try and find out about this program in other states. I hope the Verizon forum moderators might be able to point us all to perhaps a more global Verizon webpage with the appropriate information but my guess is that will not happen not because the moderators aren't doing their job but because Verizon management has not made this information available and...Verizon management doesn't really care.

I have a profound hearing loss and when my landline phone (can't use a cell phone due to my hearing loss and I use a special captioned telephone) went out, my neighbor kindly called Verizon for me. Initially the wait time for repair was 7-10 days but when I protested this saying, via my neighbor, that I had a hearing loss, no other phone and used a special captioned telephone, the repair was put on an expedited repair list with the repair completed by the following day.

I didn't know about the program you discovered and after a quick look via your link, even though I live in VA, I am planning on downloading the forms and sending them off to the postal address listed on the link page.