Fax machine can't communicate

Several weeks ago my fax machine stopped receiving/transmitting.  I replaced the machine and still can't receive/transmit.

I get connected, but nothing happens.

Has something changed on the FIOS system?

Re: Fax machine can't communicate
Community Leader
Community Leader

Hard to say without knowing for sure if any account changes were made. Did you have your FIOS Telephone service changed from Freedom Essentials to Digitial Voice? Freedom Essentials is based around the POTS system whereas Digital Voice is based around VoIP. Both are fully capable of supporting fax and even data modems.

Since nothing is happening from the looks of things, have you tried making some changes to the modem on the machine to see if by upping or lowering the bitrate, something happens? Sometimes error correction needs to be turned on or off. Most machines, especially those with a web interface should give you some compatibility options to play with. I know on some VoIP systems using lower quality CODECS or lower bitrates, you have to adjust the modem settings to get a proper handshake made to another machine.