Finishing the service ticket....

I have had a problem with my buried phone line. Verizon moved a pole some years ago and my phone cable is coming out of the ground 4 feet away from the pole. So everytime the house next door has their grass cut in front of their house my line gets cut. This has been brought to Verizon's attention numerous times and yet the problem still exists. How can you move a pole and not fix a wire. Last month a Verizon repair man was at my house fixing my dead phone line. He made note of the problem and explained to me that a lineman needs to fix this issue, but yet Verizon has no record of any such problem or notation of this. I have two lines in my house and only one keeps going down ALL THE TIME. And my DSL service happens to be on the line that keeps going down. GO FIGURE! So maybe we should finish the ticket and fix the problem....

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