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I have had the same service for a decade.  This just started,  When someone leaves a Voicemail my display will show "New VoiceMail" for 3 seconds then displays "Missed Call"  This never happened before.  Next, When you pick up the phone it no longer has the studdered dial to alert you of a new message,  Lastly, when you check your messages it tells you "No New Calls, you have One old saved message"

I called my phone and left a message so I KNOW there is one there but it shows as old.

I called VZN Customer Service.  They told me to listen to all the messages and then press the "*" three times and then hang up when prompted.  I did this and the problem still occurs.

They are telling me there is no problem when there surely IS!

How do I get this corrected.  It is important that I know when a message is on the machine,

Thank you in advance

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.