Fios v. cable
After being courted for months, we switched to verizon from cable.  I was shocked to see that the phone company charges us more for phone service than the cable company did.  There are add on fees for caller ID and call waiting, which were free with optonline.  Cable had many more movies to download, too.  The computer speed is supposed to be be much better, but we don't notice any difference on our old computer.  The cable company has offered to cover the fees to switch us back.  We're going.
Re: Fios v. cable
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If your computer is too old you will not notice a change in speed because your computer can not handle it. The phone company is regulated by the Public Service Commission and has to pay all the taxes that go along with that. The cable company is not regulated the same way when it comes to phone service so they can provide dial tone cheaper than the phone company.