Flashing issue

Hi!  I seem to have a flashing issue with my ONT or out at the CO.  It primarily happens after the answering machine hangs up after a message is left.  When someone tries to call after the answering machine hangs up, the phone rings and picks up, however the line is dead, and the person calling hears constant ringing.  When the flash button on the phone is pressed, or the phone is hung up for a second and picked up again, the call goes through.  This can be rather annoying as we're not home sometimes and if the answering machine picks up a second time, it will see the line "dead," and the call will not go through with any message.  The machine was replaced with a newer one and the issue still persists, so it's related to the CO or the ONT, and I tried with solely the cordless phone system and machine connected to the ONT and I still have issues.

Anyone else have this issue?  Were you able to fix it?

Thank you!

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Master - Level 3

I have not heard of others having this problem. If the answering machine is turned off do you still have the problem? Our system is compatible with answering machines in general and doesn't cause this problem. If it works fine with your answering machine turned off, the problem is being introduced by your answering machine. Best advice that I could give would be to contact the manufacturer of the answering machine as they may have the solution for you.