Follow Through on Service Orders
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I still have a landline, primarily due to an alarm system that runs through it.  A couple of weeks ago (on a Wednesday) the phone line went out due to (I'm guessing) a storm - no dial tone.  I went through the normal checks on the box outside and schedule a service call for the next available date -- Friday of the following week.  On Thursday before the service call, I got a text message that the problem had been corrected and the ticket was closed.  I got home and the problem was NOT fixed - still no dial tone.  I had to call in again and they rescheduled, effectively putting me at the back of the line again.  I told them it wasn't my fault they closed the ticket and I shouldn't have to wait.  They assured me they would expedite the order - I still have not heard one word from them and have been without the landline for over 2 weeks.  I found it interesting that in reading back my issue, the CSR said something about "oh you're switching to FiOS", which I don't have and don't want (I decided I didn't want it after they've bombarded me with "last chance" junk mail for years).  I think they've just decided to force all of their customers to convert to FiOS or get lost.  The one bright spot of this whole debacle -- it finally prompted me to switch over to a bundled package through by cable provider so I can tell Verizon to get lost!  HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service!!

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