Forced swith from landline to DIgital Voice is a FRAUD

Recently I have been bombarded by emails and letters, stating "Action required: Call us!!! Verizon is updating to Fiber-Optic Technology". In these letters and emails I was threatened that suspension of the phone service will occur, if I do not schedule an appointment to switch to a new service. Moreover, the letter stated that new service will be provided “for the same price you already pay for your current telephone service". I checked with the customer service that in addition to the phone service, my DSL service will be switched off as well. So, I had no choice but to call the provided number.

During my call conversation regarding the appointment I was offered Digital Voice + FIOS 100/100 plan for roughly $65.00. I demanded specifically to itemize the price of the new phone service. The response was "this is a package", and separate price is unavailable. However, in the first bill that I’ve got the price of the phone service turned out to be $40.00, and the price of the 100/100 FIOs was $89.99 (as opposed to advertised $39.00 everywhere). Matching to $65.00 price that I currently paid for landline and DSL was achieved by TEMPORARY discounts, which amounted to an additional $65.00 ($15.00 expires 10/09/19, $20.00 expires 10/08/20, $30.00 expires 10/08/21).

In other words, the letter, signed by Janet Gazlay Martin, Director of Verizon Network Transformation, was a total lie and a complete FRAUD. After I switched to a new service under THREAT of the suspension of the old phone (and of the DSL as well, as a result of it), the price of the new phone service became $40.00 (61.3% increase compared to landline price of $15.80+$9.00). That is not to mention, the price of 100/100 FIOS is in fact 89.99, as opposed to advertised $39.00.

My request to the Customer Service to honor the promise and to adjust the price of the new phone service to the old price of $24.80 was rejected after infinite childish explanations and preposterous excuses, which I do not want to repeat here.

Additional surprise came after I checked my electric meter. After FIOS equipment was installed (which included a new power supply box), the amount of electricity that we use INCREASED by approximately 4kWh /day, which will cost approximately $30.00 a month more. This is so disturbing, that I am conducting a separate investigation of the matter; so, please, interpret this information as preliminary.

To conclude, I think this price increase after a forced switch to a new service is a crime, which I will report to the Office of the New York State Attorney General, as well to the Federal Communications Commission.

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Hi vvinewyork,

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