Frequent conventional phone and DSL service interruptions in Brooklawn NJ

Since December I've had an inordinate number of service interruptions for periods of up to 20 days each.  On line "troubleshooting" has proved fruitless.  There are daily service interruptions with durations of up to several hours.  Have gone thru on-line troubleshooting and have set up service appointments.  Service is resumed eventually.

In each case I have no dial tone and using a conventional phone at the outside attachment point confirms this.  With DSL service, accessing the DSL router gives the message "No DSL".

I can find no way of reporting service outages by email, by "chat with a service advisor" or by connecting with a human at Verizon by phone - the latter of course with my ATT cell phone.  I really do need to speak with a human rathr than a machine and get answers as to why there are such frequent interruptions and why Verizon cannot reach a final solution.

This is unacceptable service. My next action will be to file a formal complaint with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Joseph Everhart