Frustrated with lack of service

I am frustrated to the point of pulling my service permanantly.

On Friday afternoon 9.20.13 a storm caused the pole on the property next to mine to be hit by lightning. That of course took out my power and after 3 hours the power was restored but my phone has no dial tone. I placed a call on line and the service call was scheduled for Thursday 9.26.13. I work from home and my sister -in- law was visiting and she has COPD and she is in frail health. I called the service number and I was told that due to the medical emergency that a technician would be there the next morning (Saturday 9.21.13) between 8am and 11:59am. I was grateful that someone could respond so quickly. I waited all morning Saturday and at 11:30am I checked the ticket and it was changed to show arrival by 4:59PM. I assumed that somthing happened and continued to wait. At 4:30pm I called again and was told that others were having similar issues in the area and that someone would call me within 2 hours. 45 minutes later a supervisor called to tell me that there were no service people in the area that work on Saturday to take the service call. Needless to say I was very unhappy and the supervisor apologized and pomised that somone would arrive by 9am on Monday. It is now 10:20 and I have called again only to be given more run around by an apologetic supervisor that promised to call me back in 2hrs. I live in a rural area with spotty cell service and the VOIP that is spotty also. That is why I pay almost $90 per month for a (reliable) phone service. When my sister-in-law visits we need reliabe phone service in case of medical emergency. I had to take my sister in law back to Houston on Sunday not to mention wasting my entire Saturday waiting for someone that was never going to show. I am going to send this letter to Verizon to let them know the horrible service they provide. I am currently looking for another provider .

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