Getting numerous calls for the people who used to live here
At least 2 -3 times a day, i getphone calls for the people who used to live in my house. They are all debt collectors and i have told them that they do not live here but it doesnt matter. Short of looking up their new number and giving that to the debt colllectors, what can i do?
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Your problem has nothing to do with Verizon and everything to do with debt collectors...

When these individuals call, take down the number (from the caller ID), time and date and tell them the following:

a) That the party that they're looking for does not reside there anymore.

b) That you are recording the calls (and indeed do so) and that you'll be forwarding the tape to your attorney who will sue them for violation of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

c) If they don't stop, sue them. You can recover up to $1,000 for every violation that is proven in court.

Happy hunting.