Govt and Verizon Surcharges-revisited

Dear Verizon

It is one year henci; and I have worked diligently with DC DOE, Dept of Aging, {edited for privacy} in Ward 3 Council, Advisory Neighborhood Council 3B, Iona Sr. Services, etc. All agree that the $10+ govt and Verizon surcharges are way too high for DC seniors on limited fixed incomes. However, neither govt nor Verizon is yet/currently offering a solution in the form of reduced fees or credits. Why? Other agencies are offering assistance with energy, taxes, transportation, etc. Because of my very limited fixed annual income, I keep my landline use and plan down to $7.99/month because that is all I can afford. HOWEVER, govt and Verizon adds a surcharge that is HIGHER than my bill??????!!! So, I ask you again: what will you DO TO ME if I do not / cannot pay those surcharges? Will I be arrested? Will my miniscule social security check be garnisheed? I am asking seriously; I request a serious thoughtful response, not a threat or scolding. Thank you.

{edited for privacy}

Re: Govt and Verizon Surcharges-revisited
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This is a peer to peer support forum. To address Verizon policies or services you need to contact them directly through the customer service options.