Harrassing telemarketer's
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I am sick and tired of receiving numerous telemarketer calls everyday on home and cell phones.  I complained to politician's who care about re-election only.

I have complained to the useless :Do Not Call List" for six years that gives no help.  I have 100 numbers blocked on Verizon's website to no avail.

Aggrivated harassment is calling a person unwanted numerous times.  I receive 10 calls per day on home and cell numbers. I have an atorney trying to track them to no avail.

Tecnol;ogy can catch criminals who steal data.  Why ca't these Telemarketer's be caught and fined?


Re: Harrassing telemarketer's

Aside from the usual telemarketing assault, I quickly discoved that I had inherited the phone number of someone who'd gone into collections. We received multiple calls a day asking for Angela. No amount of "Angela no longer has this phone number," stopped the calls.

I called Vz to see what they could do. Short of changing my telephone number, they recommended I sign up for a free service called nomorobo. I did, and it completely restored peace to my house. Now I hear a single ring, and if it's a robocaller, the call is automatically disconnected.

The service is free on VOIP land lines (it costs $10 year for mobile phones). Here's the registration link:  http://www.nomorobo.com/signup

**If Verizon admins removes the link, go to nomorobo [dot] com [forward slash] signup.

On the landing page, scroll past all their customer logos.

  1. In the drop-down selector labeled as Step 1, scroll down to Verizon FiOS Digital Voice.
  2. Enter your email address and click Next.
  3. Open your email and click the link to "Set up Nomorobo."
  4. Create an account ....

That's as far as I can take the instructions, as I already have an account. I believe the final step is to enter your phone number and accept the terms and conditions. Totally worth it for a free service that works. And if my telecom carrier recommends it (and Verizon fervently protects customer privacy) then I feel really good about using it.