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Dear Verizon,

Your Call Log feature is close to worthless. On Incoming Calls, there's a whole column of MY NUMBER. Thanks, but I know it already. But the info I want - the numbers that called me - they're mostly missing! For example, an incoming caller is listed only as Highmark.Why isn't their phone number listed too? After all, both pieces of info - name AND number - appear on my caller ID. And even on my TV! But NOT on the Call Log?!? What is with you people? I feel like a modern-day Scheherazade, & this message is but one in 1,001 tales of Verizon's ineptitude. And your latest move? It's laughable: holding seminars to upsell, er, explain your ridiculously complicated tv features, because you're too CHEAP to hire good writers & print manuals. (You think those how-to videos are instructional? Have your board members give 'em a shot.) SHAME on you!

A bitter new customer

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