Hey Verizon, why can't you enable my new LONG DISTANCE provider?

I have Verizon local phone service and DSL.   In early September I chose Big Red Wire (www.bigredwire.com) as my Long Distance provider.  Unfortunately, until now, Big red Wire has been unable to get Verizon to switch my Long Distance service to them (right now, I dont have a long distance provider).  On line Verizon folks say the change can only be done by phone. Calls to Verizon did not result in a fix.   Maybe this is a Verizon problem, and maybe it is a BigRedWire problem, hard to tell.  I also know Verizon wants me to use their long distance.

So, I've given up on BigRedWire, and will try to get Verizon to switch me to another Long Distance Provider, Enhanced Communications, of ECG.  I just placed an order with them.  Hopefully, Verizon will do the needful to switch me to ECG.  If that doesn't work, I'll have to write to the Maryland state regulator and explain the problem I'm having. 

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