Home Phone no longer rings....

Anyone have this problem before? Tried calling support but being on hold for over 20 minutes is ridiculous.

We switched from standard AT&T land line over to Verizon cell home service. We had everything hooked up and working fine for about a month or so and now our home phone will no longer ring on incoming calls. I already checked to make sure call fwding was turned off, didnt solve the problem. Even hooked up a different phone to our little black Verizon box and that didn't help.

Every now and then we may get half a ring or maybe one ring right before it goes to voicemail but when you dial it (say from my cell phone) it will ring 5 or 6 times before I get half a ring or ends up going to VM without ringing at all.

Nothing on our end ever changed as far as phone, service etc so have to blame Verizon if their box craps out. We are getting two of the three bars for connectivity on the black box.

Re: Home Phone no longer rings....
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It sounds like you are talking about Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect service. Here is a link to their forums.  https://community.verizonwireless.com/welcome .

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Re: Home Phone no longer rings....
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I have the same problem and have not found a solution. A work-around is to make a call on a phone connected to the system. You should then be able to receive incoming calls properly. This happens every so often and there doesn't seem to be any pattern.

Good luck!