Home number changed without my knowledge. Want my old number back.

I have been in touch with Verizon's phone representatives ever since moving into my new apartment. Most recently, my home number changed after I cancelled digital voice service and got Verizon to put me back on my old service. The new number that Verizon has me on is not even recognized as a Verizon number! I talked to Britney the other day and was told that she would call me after getting permission to change our number back to what it was before. This current number sems like the temporary number that Joanie gave me during my FIOS installation. When I called Verizon again this morning to check the status of my inquiry I was told that they can't change my number back because it's unauthorized and that the number is not even Verizon's. My home number has been hijacked and I AM HELPLESS. Everyone says one thing and I am stuck with a number I didn't even ask for. Please help me get my old number back. This is not right.

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Customer Service Rep

Good afternoon Nahid,

Can you send us this information in a private message so we can look further in to this please?