Home phone install

Three weeks ago we decided to get the triple play which just added the home phone to our bill as well as upgraded our internet to 75/35.  When we had it set up the person doing this for us at the Verizon store told us that there would be someone out to install the phone and tweak the box so we had the speed, that was suppose to be on June 29th.  That night there was a huge storm that knocked their network off, but later that day when everything started to get back up we went back into the store to say that nothing got set up, their excuse was the storm has made it so they are busy which I understand.  Two weeks later, yesterday July 13th we went back into the store to complain and the person there said "call support and have them help you".  We get home call support and they say that everything should be turned on by midnight.  This morning we test everything, no dial tone and we still are getting under 20/20 for our internet speed.  And they are going to charge us for having all of this installed when its not activated.  NO one ever showed up, and no one ever called and explained why and no email.  This is just ridiculous at this point.

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