Home phone set up of call-waiting
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On the Verizon web page for controlling telephone features, I am only given the choice of enabling or dis-abling call waiting. I don't want call waiting so I disable it. Now, if I am on the phone and somneone calls my number, they are immediately sent to my voice mail box.

How about just giving us an option so the caller just hears a "busy" signal rather than the caller being redirected to voice mail? It would really be nice to allow us to control that option. I don't want to be bothered with call waiting or voice mail. Just let me program it so they just hear a busy signal if I am on the phone.

I may be hard to get a hold of ---- but I'm worth it. They can just call back if I'm on the phone.

Re: Home phone set up of call-waiting
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Hello Merthiolate,
I would like to understand your question further.  You have the option to set up your phone line to ring busy if you are on the phone.  Are you saying you want to have that option for calls to ring busy when your on the phone but also go to voicemail when your not on the phone and don't answer?  I can help you further but will need some personal information. Please see the private message I have sent you when you are available.


Re: Home phone set up of call-waiting
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Home voice mail consists of a couple different components. There is the voice mail service itself, and there is also something called call forwarding busy/no answer. If you call the verizon business office and tell them you only want the "no answer" component of the call forwarding and not the "busy" part, they  should be able to do this for you. Then calls will not be forwarded to your voice mail when your line is busy (which is what happens when you disable call waiting), but only when your phone actually rings and there is no answer (I.e. you are either not on the phone or have call waiting enabled.)  Now callers will get the busy signal instead of being forwarded to voicemail.