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My home phone has had no dial tone for two days, did all the tests, no dial tone from the box outside the house , scheduled repair they are coming 9/15, that's more then a week..why so long???
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Each area has its own technician assignments. The techs in your area are booked up until then if that was the first date given to you.

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To Anyone available that responds to emails...I have been without my landline for 15 days.  Had an appointment scheduled for 9/10, told to be available from 8AM to 7PM.  I was available ALL day, finally reached an agent at 6:10PM only to be told they would be here on 9/11 and it would not be necessary for me to be home.  All work would be done outside.  OK.  Again, no show.  Called today and was told the next available appointment (by automated voice) was Thursday, 9/15 and I need to be available from 8AM to 7PM.   Can someone in the scheduling/repair office please communicate with me directly.  I am beyond understanding why since August 29th you have not been able to give me a dial tone. 

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I understand your plaint, Sandiday.  This is my third repair request in a month. 

Outage 8/15-8/19, first available service date was given as 9/06.   Understood there was a strike on but felt the system's first response should be "we'll do a network check and notify you if a home service call is needed."

Service was restored prior to repair date - it was a network problem.

Outage 8/28-9/10.  Repair service visit scheduled for 9/23.  Received a call 9/10 from a technician saying line was fixed.  No home visit necessary.

Down again today.  Message came back from the system " We have detected a network related issue with your phone service."

I need to schedule a time to be available for the third time in a month for something that appears to be Verizon Network related. 

Total outage for the month to date is 22 days (and counting). 

I am wondering if this is an area problem.  Area code 973.