Horrible Ecperience
Verizon cancel an appointment they have already confirmed with me. When I call to check on it they could no longer guarantee me the time you gambit me 5 hours later with a 5 hour wait window. They don't care about the inconvenience to the customer although they apologized for it . THey read from a script and have no idea how to adjust it for the needs of the customer involved at that time. They need to understand that we are customers and we pay for a service. They didn't offer me credit for the 3 days of an inconvenience but I will call to ask for that. I think the lack of service should qualify as a reason to be able to cancel the contract . They had no idea how to fix what they did wrong. However since I have an audience of over 3000 people a month, I will be able to share this as a bad customer service experience many times over.