How/Why Do Phone Features Not Activated Get Turned On Anyway?
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We have the FIOS Triple Play. The main phone line uses most of the phone features/services, including voicemail, which was activated by the person using that line. About a month after getting FIOS I arranged with Verizon to terminate my personal copper landline and have my number become the second line on the FIOS account. I am older and have used an answering machine for many years and have no problems with doing so. I have never used a provider's voicemail service and did not want to. So I took no steps to activate this feature. I did try to activate the caller ID display on my TV set for my line, but could not. So I chatted with Verizon and asked how I could do this. I was told it was not possible at this time but it might be addressed sometime in the future. About a week later it was apparently working despite that not being possible.

Over the weekend I was informed by the person who uses the main line that apparently there was Voicemail active for my number. I just got done with two different Verizon Chat Agents to get the thing turned off. Since this feature was not activated by anybody in this house, it was obviously activated by Verizon. I do not understand why this would happen. I do not know if there were any messages in the voicemail when they turned it off for that number. And I am only assuming it is actually turned off as I don't know how to determine this.

What probably annoys me the most in all this is my email is the main one for the account. So any notifications about changes Verizon has made to services, features etc, come to me. So why did I not get a notice that the Voicemail feature had been turned on? And isn't a password involved? Since I did not activate the feature, I certainly did not choose a password, so how could I even access any voicemails????

Re: How/Why Do Phone Features Not Activated Get Turned On Anyway?
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Verizon Voicemail is a free feature that is available to all customers of Verizons home phone service at no additional cost. The reason you saw no order is that your phone line (and everyone elses) is turned on with this feature activated. Any subsequent changes of the account after the line is turned on (such as removing the voicemail or adding other features) will trigger an email such as the one you are seeing. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and hopefully that this helps explain what went on.