How do I disconnect battery backup for landline?
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I have that annoying battery beeping telling me to replace the battery for landline backup and occasional annoying messages on my TV screen. I cleared the beep previously by holding the buttons to reboot it, but now that method is exhausted. I refuse to replace the battery. I have a problem paying for a battery on useless equipment that is owned by Verizon and then I'm expected to service the replacement.  I say useless because if the power goes off, my phones are plugged into AC and will be rendered inoperable. I have a modern convenience for emergencies anyway called a cell phone. So enough explaining. How do I disconnect without interrupting landline service?

Re: How do I disconnect battery backup for landline?
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You simply disconnect the battery.  Now, there are lots of BBU out there

so you might just take the subject line , plug in "fios" and BING it (or the other guy)

I got lots of video's, explanations, etc., so you will have to seewhat is applicable to you