How do I find out what Verizon's basic rates are without a promotion?

I am a long time (perhaps since the inception of the name Verizon) Verizon customer, and moved to fios services several years ago when they offered an excellent promotion. Unfortunately, the promotion that the sales person offered was never delivered to me by written contract, only as a promotional flyer, for which Verizon seemed to have a strange interpretation. But that was long ago and I figured Verizon came "close enough". Once the promotion time was up, my bill escalated.

I went on line to try to find anywhere that listed how much the fios Double Play Bundle of Internet and Freedom Essentials would cost at the non-promotional rate. I didn't find the information, so I called service and asked what they could do for me. I received a "valued customer" discount for $30 a month off my bill, but was never told where to find actual service rates. Now that the discount is no longer being applied, my bill has risen again.

So again I went online and searched in at least a dozen ways for the actual cost of my bundle without consideration of promotions. The information is not to be found. The only price I see are promotions for $74.99 or 79.99. I am being charged 112.99 before fees taxes etc. It doesn't actually say those are promotions for new customers only. When I called customer service, the agent informed me that they were, in fact,  for new customers. The only way to get any kind of discount again would be to upgrade to triple internet speed at $99.99 per month. So Verizon's idea is to keep enticing you to increase your service level.

But what happens when you reach the end of the line. How much will those services actually cost when you've reached the top of the ladder? Sure I can check my bill, but the point is to see if I am being over charged. I want to know where the true basic rates are listed. The service person said that I would have to sign in to find them. So I signed in and still find only promotions.

It's important to have basic rates in order to know how to evaluate the promotions and to plan for future costs. It's also important to be able to understand when one is considered a "new" customer. Evidently, if I change my service I am once again new. If I go to triple play, I get a bundle deal. If I get a deal with less service, do I also get a promotional rate? Nowhere is that explained. Somehow a contract fits in with all this confusion. I've been a customer for ages, but without a contract. There is no explanation of how a contract differs from getting a 2 year promo without a contract.

I might not necessarily change my plan even with full disclosure, but at least I would feel that my decision is based on rational choice rather than trickery.

Has anybody found this secret information?

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