How do you reach a human at Verizon after 5 PM??

I am trying to reach a human at Verizon and it appears to not be possible, no matter what number I try or what choice I pick on the phone, I get the same voice sweetly telling me she is sorry but I have to call during normal business hours.  My phone is not working and I am trying to reach someone via my cell to ask them to fix it.

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Have you tried email or the online chat reached through this page?

Re: How do you reach a human at Verizon after 5 PM??
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They generally always have a live person available in the repair department.

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Virtually impossible.  They front end every call with an interactive Voice Response Unit.  This device is thought to improve customer satisfaction when all it does is lead to frustration when you have to answer elementary questins unrelated to your problem..  If you say "Agent" it will drop you out and put you in queue to speak with an agent.  Of course the agent never comes on the line even if you hold on for over an hour and try the same thing different times of the day on different days like I did..

I have been going nuts trying to get someone to speak with me about my order and how bad it was messed up since I received the confirmation email back on May 20th.  I called the order desk and asked for the person that placed my order and was told {edited for privacy} would call me back.  She never did.  I called back and asked for a supervisor and was told there were none but I could request a callback from a supervisor.  I did this but was not called back.  Then I tried the support route as described above but w/ no results.  Finally tonight I tried the sales phone number{edited for privacy}.  They still make you enter your phone number and ask you if you are calling about a problem so they can divert you to the "bit bucket".  To this question you need to say no my question is about a new service.  Then you are transferred to a phone number that is answered on the first ring.  Then you have to say that unless they send you to someone who can help with your problem you want to be transferred to someone who can disconnect your service.  Then again, an amazing thing happens - At that point in time a tech just happens to become available and is able to speak with you.

So one has to ask;

Are the folks in repair so much more busy than the folks in sales because the service is broken and no one is buying it


Does Verizon only care about you when you are placing a new order.

Fodder for Facebook I guess....

Re: How do you reach a human at Verizon after 5 PM??
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tech support is 24/7 and can be called at 888-553-1555. you will get an automated system but it will get you to a live person fairly quick