How to Opt-out CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI)

I have tried the phone but could not wait any longer for an available agent after about half an hour (18888258111). The community forum search results show the location Verizon website (My Profile tab under My Verizon -> Phone Control ) but it seemed the website layout has changed since because I could not see the "phone control" section on the my profile page. My ultimate goal is to avoid any of my information gets onto the 3rd party companies' hands which will then be used to harass me and my family through the telemarketing phone calls during dinner time.

Please assist.


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Make sure you called the right number for your area

I don't see the number you said you called on the list.

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As a user TNS_2 noted, the number you listed (18888258111) is NOT in the CPNI-OptOut state list--see: --so you need to double check the number(s) listed for your state.

Even if you do successfully opt out of the CPNI, my guess is that you will still continue to receive telemarketing calls because it's time consuming and annoying to get off their call lists--you have to do all the work. The Federal DoNotCall registry (888-382-1222 or ) is useless--my number is registered with donotcall and I still get tons of telemarketing calls.

Your options are:

1. When a telemarketer calls you, answer the call and tell them to REMOVE YOUR NUMBER from their calling database.

2. Don't answer the phone--this is somewhat easier if you have Caller-ID. 99.9999% of telemarketers don't leave a phone message so just let it ring until your answering machine or voice mail picks up--if no message is left, it's not important...'-}}

3. Buy a call blocker. This one is well rated--a bit pricey ~$100:

To opt out of Verizon marketing emails:

1. Log in to your Verizon account

2. Once you've successfully logged in and if it is not already selected, click on "My Verizon"

3. On the left side of the screen you should see a number of different options/selections ("Home", "My Services", "Bill & Payment", etc.). Click on the "Profile" option.

4. You should then see--middle of the screen--a series of sections ("Account Settings", "Manage Sub Accounts", etc.). Click on the "Manage" button in the "Email Preference Center" and if you look down towards the bottom, you should see "Opt Out of All Marketing Emails". Click on box in the "Primary" (and "Secondary" if you have one) columns and then click on the "Save" button.

Hope that helps...