How to file a complaint online?

First off your copper landline service flat out sucks. Secondly Verizon will not put any more money into this network to correct the problem. I would really like to have fiber here but you won't let me have it. I want to file a complaint online with you but a lass their is no flipn way to do it your customer service is flat out awful when I call in to file a complaint all I get is the run around. So to that end I have filed one with the BBB in Virginia where I live. I'm also going to file one with the FCC and the FTC. You all take money from everybody but you don't want to give a dime of it back when the service goes out or it is screwwed up so bad that I can not even dial 911 if I had to. Your web site is all screwed up it all I see on their is fios this or fios that. What about the people that need your service? Well what about them? All my troubles started a year and 3 months ago and they have not stopped. I would very much like to see your site revamped their are still people that have to use dialup to gain access to the net all of this **bleep** about myverizon 3.0 is a bunch of crap. Their needs to be a dialup site to.

Re: How to file a complaint online?
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