How to get buried wires connected

First dial these numbers provided by your contractor who buried the wires: {edited for privacy}. None of those will get you anywhere, so then just call the number on your latest invoice: 1 800 Verizon, and then you have to ask for the repair bureau. You can expedite by saying “agent” into the phone each time it asks for additional information. Then, once you finally get an agent and explain the situation at least twice, they will try to figure out if they have a repair bureau and whether it can be contacted. They’ll put you on hold at least twice in researching that. Once you do indeed reach the repair bureau, they will tell you (1) that you must be kind of dumb for paying someone to install the wire when Verizon will do it for free once it has been trenched, and (2) that they might have to require that it all be torn up and re-trenched if they determine that the wire doesn’t meet their standard. Then you’ll have an opportunity to provide all the necessary instructions and contact information, and an ability to see the actual service ticket online. Then you can go online and see the actual service ticket and how all of the necessary instructions and contact info is neither there nor was probably ever taken down. Then you can update the instructions. Once you’ve done that just right, and submitted it, you will be told that you can only use 250 letters. Then you can go back and redo everything with abbreviations and word omissions until you get to 250. It will then tell you that your update was confirmed. That gets tricky, though, because if you check to see if your information was indeed updated the way it confirmed that it was, you might find out like I did that none of it was updated at all. That is because once you have been told that you can’t go over 250 letters, you have to start all over from the beginning; you can’t just update the existing text. Thr u go Nw u r all set 2 go.

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