I had thought AT&T was bad but Verizon now TAKES THE CAKE!!!
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Been nightmarish as all I want is a dial tone and internet!!!! Verizon doesn't seem to want or be able to do that!!! 

About 3 weeks ago or so,  the nice young man standing on my porch convinced me (again after a previous nightmare experience) to switch to FIOS as the copper lines would soon be unserviceable. Scheduled for FIOS install and agreed to a noon to Pm arrival of the Tech. Online the service ticket changes previously listed  arrival to  4-Pm then it changes to 5-Pm. Tech calls at 6:Pm say tied up in traffic and will take 40 mins to arrive. I had to leave so I told him forget it and finally got a call a few days later and put order on hold to explore my options as I was fed up with Verizon. So at this point a couple of hours on the phone and a days wages lost because had to take off from work and the nice lady says to insist on a Verizon tech. next time and not a contractor?!?!?

Now here on the 6/11 NO DIALTONE but DSL OK. Now with over an hour on the phone I finally get to a point of placing a service order. This was after telling them OVER 10 TIMES I AM ON COPPER>>>NOT FIOS. after numerous transfers and then to the "copper dept" I set a service call for 8-11am on 6/12. (remember I now have said COPPER over 10 times). Patricia calls from service to verify and she was very snarky & snotty and did not want to hear COPPER! So on Wed AM guess who shows up??? A FIOS TECH!!!! Can't help me! Online and all the rep's saying FIOS, FIOS ,FIOS and I keep saying COPPER, COPPER, COOPER!

Now....another HOUR + after all the xfers and holds on the phone, I finally get through that I need a COPPER tech. and one is scheduled for this AM between 8-noon. The tech calls at 9:20 and I explain the situation to him. He checks it out an calls me back and says that he can't help me as they disconnected my COPPER because the account shows FIOS (remember FIOS NEVER installed). The tech (Jose) was decent to deal with and instructs me that I need to CANCEL FIOS and tell them I have a phone on copper and to re-activate on copper and there was nothing he could do. I pleaded with him to please fix it from his end so I didn't have to go through more Verizon phone nightmare but alas he was unable to help. I don't curse but I am thinking about it and will soon be doing it profusely after my ensuing encounter with Verizon.

This now takes the cake!!!! So I call and go through all the gyrations explaining the issue and end back up in the sales Dept. Get this now....here it comes......I now have to cancel ALL service and open a totally new account. I now have to Re-establish credit and this after being a customer with the same phone number for OVER 40 YEARS and always paid the bill even with the Verizon billing screwups during the years!!!! I now am REALLY **bleep** as I have to give my DOB and SSN over the phone which I really protest as I am an existing customer with Verizon wireless too!!! I went round and round with the very nice and patient lady (Angela) and asked if there were any way to go to a Dept. head or someone in authority to wave a magic wand and just simply AUTHORIZE the RE-ESTABLISHMENT of the service I had up to the 11th? She tells me nobody has a magic wand and this is the way the system works. Now to add to this I reminded her that I had wireless and had a "One bill" and Uh-Oh....this adds another layer of complexity to the situation and they might not be able to do it,

So now bottom line now as a result of dealing with the monolith Verizon and going with their suggestion and where one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. I have lost THREE DAYS OF WORK and numerous HOURS of Verizon phone hell and still have no dial tone over a simple PAIR OF WIRES!!! I am an innocent VICTIM of of gross incompetence. I know just on little customer out of the millions they have isn't important but Verizon has lost sight of customer service and have forgotten that it is easier to retain a customer than to re-gain them. They forget that a disgruntled customer can influence 10 others. I have growing business needs and be assured I won't be looking at Verizon and this will also extend to those I consult. At this point I am on a search of my options to get Verizon out of my life forever.

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Hi FishonRB,

Please go to your profile page for the forum by clicking on your name, and look at the top of the middle column where you will find an area titled "My Private Support Cases". There you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis, as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal

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Glad to hear the issue has been resolved, Richard. The service just needed to be activated, and we apologize the order took some time to go through. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.
- Joseph_VZ